One thing that has become obvious since 2020 is that the cost for a Class B Motorhome has reached near unachievable heights. This is why we set our sights on creating a more accessible option on the marketplace, THE BEDROCK.

what is bedrock

Coming with the essentials you need and nothing you don’t, the BEDROCK provides the foundation with which you can build your own desired floor plan and personalize as you see fit. It was important to us to give you the ability to make this RV your own.

why bedrock

The first decision we made when we decided to build the BEDROCK was flexibility. We know that Class B RVs make all the floor plan decisions for you and that DIY kits do not yield the benefits of buying a Certified RV. Our bed system folds up and out of the way, you can still fit a pallet between the wheel wells, and you have all the space upfront to add seats, kitchen or whatever else might be important inside of your van.

attention to detail

Even though the scope of this build was kept very focused we made sure that every component and material we used was higher end that what you get in much more expensive RVs. With premium materials that give you a nicer finish, lighter weight, additional strength and more flexibility the BEDROCK leads the way in intentional design.

trust the experts

From our background as Sprinter dealers we know the importance of not just buying a new vehicle but everything that comes with vehicle ownership.

 From RV financing, improved insurance costs, OEM warranty retention and ease of serviceability and most importantly NADA book values when the time comes to sell or trade your BEDROCK, we thought of the full Owner experience.

custom builder